Panasonic Floor Console 5.6kW

Panasonic Floor Console 5.6kW


Panasonic Premier Series Floor Consoles are designed utilizing the latest R32 technology for exceptional efficiency. Environmentally friendly, stylish, and discreet with optimum airflow, nanoe X and super quiet technology. Additionally, these units are able to be recessed for even more discreet installation.

  • Super Quiet Operation

    The indoor and outdoor units deliver quiet operation whenever in use, however, by pressing the Quiet Mode button, the indoor unit's operating noise lowers even further to just 19dB with low fan speed.

  • Air Flow

    With both upper and lower vanes expelling air, during the colder months optimum air flow can be achieved with upward and downward air flows warming you from top to toe.


    Then in the warmer months the upper vanes direct airflow upwards to create an efficient shower cooling effect.

  • Back To Back Installation

    Please note price is based on Back to Back to Installation which includes 


    • Up to 4 metres trunking
    • Waterproof isolation Switch 
    • Cabling and draining hose between units 
    • Wiring to local power outlet 


    Outdoor Unit Mounting


    • Polyslab base - for grass or garden 
    • PVC - Drive,Pathway and on Decks 
  • Back To Back Installation

    Product Details   
    Model CS/CU-Z50UFR
    Heating  5.6kW
    Cooling 5.0kW


    Height  600mm
    Width 750mm
    Depth 207mm

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